Celebrity Gifting - Mother's Day, 2014 / "For Ever" Antique Insignia (.999 Silver) on Dainty Chain with Birthstones



This set was created specifically for a celebrity gifting event for Mother's Day, 2014. I am thrilled to have had the opportunity through The Artisan Group to gift 25 talented & lovely celebrity moms & mom-to-bes!

As a momma myself, it often occurs to me that everything about motherhood is transitory; nursing, potty training, naptime (oh, how I miss naps!) and even cuddles & kisses. But one thing is "forever" - a mother's love. That is rock-solid, steady, not going anywhere! So for me, this pendant is a symbol of a mom's love for her children.

Each pendant includes a fine silver insignia created from an antique Victorian Wax Stamp wheel. The insignia is an image of two hearts (one for mom, one for her child/children), intertwined & held together by flourishing vines, with the words "For Ever" cast underneath. Created using metal clay, each insignia is handcrafted individually and oxidized to bring out the rustic detail, then polished for up to 24 hours in a tumbler to create a lovely, lasting shine. Up to three little gemstone charms can be added, and all swing freely on dainty sterling chain which measures 16 inches.

Your jewelry will arrive in a sweet little box, perfect for storing your new treasure or ready for any gift-giving occasion.

Birthstones are as follows (although there is some "variation," so feel free to take liberties!):

January - Garnet  /  February - Amethyst  /  March - Aquamarine  /  April - Diamond (Crystal) / May - Emerald (Chrome Diopside) / June - Pearl  /  July - Ruby  /  August - Peridot  /  September - Sapphire (Blue Topaz)  /  October - Opal (pink OR Apatite)  /  November - Topaz (Blue or Golden)  /  December - Turquoise

(Please indicate in the Comments section which birth-months / birthstones you would like. If you would like more than three gemstone charms, please indicate that & I will contact you about any additional charges.)